First things first

The feeling of needing a timeout doesn’t fade away, the idea still occupies my mind. Time to approach a systematical analysis and get to the core.

To answer the four following questions step by step and clarify the subitems, to come to terms with oneself and make a decision at the end.


What bothers me to want a timeout? What long- middle- and short-term experiences aroused the idea? Are these experiences positive or negative and decisive enough to justify the timeout? How big should this step be? Which influence has the timeout to my occupational career and how important is it to me? What comes up, once all points were taken into consideration.


What will and can I do within this timeout?


Which period of time fits best respecting occupational and personal criteria? How can you leave without leaving open tasks behind? How long should the timeout be? What influences the period of time and the point of return?


In case you make it to this question, taking a timeout should be a likely undertaking. Now the specific arrangement is in focus and how to set course. Which possibilities do I have to arrange a timeout. Which options does the employee offer? Is it possible to realize the timeout and the ideas with the financial means? What can I change to do the step and will it be worth the consequences?

Now everything has been assessed, the cards are on the table. Time to make a decision. “This is not my cup of tea” or ” Time to get the ball rolling”.

I’m on the ball now.

Cheers, Thomas