Last Stop: Surfing under the Rainbow (Azores)

Autumn and winter are just around the corner, time to expand the summer a little bit more and to round off my long timeout with surfing at the Azores.

Like last year in November I travel with Boogietrips, but choose the two weeks option this time. The guesthouse is filled with Bodyboarders from all over the world and buzzes with Portuguese, English, German and Spanish language. And of course the international symbol for fun, a lot of laughter.

„This year you can look forward for a special guest coach" -Nic

This year the folks at Boogietrips have prepared a special surprise in person of Dave Hubbard, Bodyboard professional und multiple drop-knee World champion from Hawaii. He stays with us the whole two weeks in the guest house and coached us in the line-up and with video analysis.

At the beginning of the trip, the winter swell also awakened in the Atlantic and the force of nature covers the coast with white foam. The island delivers surf able waves for the pros on the spots in the North and for beginners and intermediates on the Southside. We have summerly temperatures and sun and rain alternate regularly. There is no day without a rainbow above or in front of us.

Rainbow over Populo

We are surfing every day and improve our skills in all different kinds of conditions. For me, the highlight of the trip were the sessions at the reef of Mosteiros and the epic day at Mini-Popuplo. A day with perfect conditions which we use in the morning and in the afternoon until we finally get out of the water exhaustedly.

„Tio, you know why we do this. It is for the Adrenalin. Boom." -Jonie

If we are not in the water ourselves, we watch and learn during the pro sessions at Maia and Santa Barbara. Paddle-out in difficult conditions, to hold in place, take-off and tricks. It’s all inclusive in the friendly competitions.

Dave Hubbard up in the sky

We also discover the beautiful and diverse nature of Sao Miguel. The lakes in the crates of the volcanos Lagao Fugo and Site cidades, the tea farm Gorreana and the waterfalls of Ribeira dos Caldeiros. Or we just enjoy the many breathtaking vistas right during the drives.

Cascata Ribeira dos Caldeiroes

The time after the sunset is perfect to relax in one of the many hot springs and to prepare body and mind for the next day. And part of that is the simple but fresh and delicious cuisine at the local restaurants or, thanks to Nic’s cooking skills, we enjoyed the fresh fish and salads of the island together in the guesthouse. Our own little Boogietrips tuna festival. And not to forget Dave’s biscuit cake Bolo de Bolacha.

Tuna is served

And on the fly the two weeks are over. Everyday life has dissolved into the rhythm of searching for waves, surfing, laughing and enjoying. It is really hard to go back home.

Ribeira Grande sunset

A big thank you the team of Boogietrips: Nic, Saguim, Pipas and last but not least Dave and the whole squad for the great time and the many adventures in and outside the water.

Boogietrips 2018 team

Mahalo and cheers, Thomas