All in all

Statistics time. How long was I on the road and how many kilometers are now on the clock? What costs have accrued on average and what have I not counted.

The following statistics and the rounded values refer to my road trip with the camper van. I turned the ignition key on April the 10th, 2018, and was away for 107 days. I drove 6,633 km through three countries in the European Union. France, Spain and Portugal.

I surfed at 32 surf spots in the Bay of Biscay, the Celtic Sea and the North Atlantic.

Surfspots on my way

The car consumed 609 liters of diesel, which corresponds to an average consumption of 9.2 l per 100 km. I drove to a disposal station 19 times or approx. every 5 days and disposed of the toilet waste and grey water.

Cooking, the refrigerator and warm water used the gas from two 13kg bottles.

Parking lot Picos de Europa

My wallet became lighter by 19.00 EUR per day to pay for fuel, tolls, parking space costs and gas. This includes average parking costs of EUR 8.30 per day and the total toll of EUR 230.00.

I did not count the many magnificent sunsets in the sea and the old churches I visited on land. The countless waves I've watched and the ones that carried me. I have not made a weather record of the change from sun to rain, warm to cold, storm to calm. I did not documented in which week the winter turned into the spring and then into the summer.

Every day was what it was. I just lived in it and let myself drift along my red thread. And I took an incredible number of 2300 photos.

Sun set in Spain

Cheers, Thomas