And now?

The desk ist cleared, I said goodbye to the colleagues and my laptop and mobile phone are locked away. And now?

There exists the great danger of falling into a laziness, waking up after nine months on the sofa and asking myself, what have you done with all this great spare time? To avoid this situation I make a rough plan around my ideas and goals and set some fix points to prevent getting lost in time. But it is also important to me to have enough space to be available for any inspiration on the way.

The first destination is Portugal. To surf in the Sintra area for two weeks and get distance from work and get in shape for the surf trip to come.

Next stop is the Bretagne. Here the van which will be my home for the next five months awaits me. It is also the place where my journey along the Atlantic coast of France, Spain and Portugal starts. The idea is to hop from surf spot to surf spot, guided by waves and weather. In Spain, at San Sebastian, I plan to attend a two week Spanish training. And I will have with me a big box with books and naturally my photography equipment will not come off badly.

In August I will return to the Bretagne to avoid the crowds of the vacation season. Vaguely I think about going to Great Britain or Ireland with the van.

Back to Berlin in September and for autumn I focus on a trip to Asia, specifically to Japan.

And for the finish I will go on another surf trip in November to the Azores.

I’m really curious if all ideas become real or why, for what reason whatsoever, there will be changes.

Cheers, Thomas