What’s this about ?

This is my personal diary and my note collection for everything related to my traveling and their preparation. I collect my ideas and experiences like interesting literature, helpful products and notes on visited destinations here.

Certainly family, friends and all interested parties are invited to follow the articles and feel in best case inspired to their own timeout. 

The name 925timeout symbolizes the timeout out from the nine to five job. That could be travels or surf trips but also my in the article "The signs are favorable”  and  "First things first" described longer time out.

This Blog is strictly privat and without any commercial purpose. There are no affiliate-links or advertising on this site. Mentioned products are solely ones used by myself. Any opinion is my personal and based on regular usage.

I distance myself from the content of linked external site, which are violate valid law, modesty, decency and moral. The responsibility of the content of this sites including images, audio and written lays solely with the authors of this sites. I have not influence of the content of the linked sites.  If I receive information about legal violations on linked pages, I will remove the corresponding link immediately.

Enjoy, Thomas